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Corrie Atkins

TLauncher is a free Minecraft launcher that makes it easy to manage and run all your game worlds. After TLauncher free download, you can download Minecraft mods, maps, resource and texture packs, and much more. It allows you to browse and play Minecraft versions of your choice and automatically downloads new versions as they become available.


This software was created with the idea of making your gaming experience even more convenient and easy. The service allows you to easily launch Minecraft from a desktop shortcut or a quick launch icon in the taskbar. 

It also allows you to easily switch between game versions, servers, and profiles without having to launch the game from the Minecraft.exe file every time you want to change something.


Besides TLauncher installer has all the basic features you need to play Minecraft, it basically makes playing the game a lot easier by adding a ton of extra features.

  • Create and manage multiple Minecraft worlds;
  • Edit config files;
  • Start the game with one click;
  • Change Minecraft's Java args;
  • Manage your game saves;
  • Add/edit skins;
  • Create and manage resource packs;
  • Display a live Minecraft world in a small window;
  • Easily install and use a variety of mod packs, texture packs, and server wrappers.


This program provides a user-friendly environment to manage installed game versions. It's very easy to use and no technical knowledge is needed. TLauncher PC app is designed to be fast, easy to use and to work with minimal configuration. It can handle anything from small servers to large ones with thousands of mods.


Launcher supports a variety of different game versions, as well as a variety of different mods and texture packs. It also supports installing Minecraft server wrappers, which allow you to easily play on a wide variety of servers. Besides, TLauncher install process is clear and quite easy.


  • Can I download TLauncher for free?
    You can download and install TLauncher absolutely for free as it’s not an official app from Mojang.
  • Is it illegal?
    In short, no. TLauncher is not illegal. It’s a third-party launcher that is free to download and use, and it doesn’t require a license, but it’s not endorsed by, associated with, or related to Mojang.
  • Where can I get TLauncher for Windows?
    Click the Download button below, and you’ll be redirected to the page where you can download the program safely.


All in all, TLauncher unblocked is a free Minecraft launcher that allows players to easily download and install mods, texture packs, and more. It makes managing your mods easier. If you are not sure what Minecraft mods are or how to install them, then TLauncher download for pc is a perfect choice for you. The service is great for both new and experienced players.


  • It’s free;
  • Offers a variety of configuration options;
  • Allows mods, skins, and additional content creation;
  • Supports a variety of mods and texture packs.


  • Doesn’t work with official Minecraft version;
  • It can sometimes be difficult to configure.

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